Kilas Pandang “Conjunctions “

Kampung Inggris

Well conjunction merupakan kata penghubung yang digunakan untuk menghubungkan kata, frasa, atau klausa. Secara garis besar conjuction sendiri dibagi menjadi 3 macam: Coordinating Conjuction, Correlatives conjunction, dan sub cordinating conjunction.

  1. Coordinating conjunction digunakan untuk menghubungkan dua atau lebih kata, klausa, ataupun kalimat yang mempunyai tem sama. Dalam akronim bahasa inggris, conjunction ini sering disingkat menjadi “FANBOYS” yang terdiri dari for, and, nor, but, or, yet,


This coffe is delicious and very sooting. Roni was sick but he went to school.

I choose the red or blue one.

They will not leave you, nor your partner


  1. Correlative Conjunction, Selanjutnya conjuntion ini digunakan berpasangan untuk menunjukan hubungan antara kata atau kelompok kata. Conjunctionini terdiri dari: either …..or…, neither…. nor…, not only… but also…, both… ..

kampung inggris


She is not only smart, but also beautiful.

Neither Dina nor Ruri did the best for their exam.

Both my classmates and teachers clean the school together.

I have to decide whether i take or leave it.

  1. Subordinating Conjuctions, digunakan untuk menggabungkan induk kalimat (independent clause) degan anak kalimat(dependent clase). Conjuctions ini meliputi because, since, when, although, while, even if, though, as ,after, before, until, whenever,


She went to Rudi’s house after she finished her job.

Billa cried because he lost her motor bike.

My mother cooking while i am reading a comic. You may came to my house whenever you want


thats all,guys pembahasan kita tentang Conjuction, hopefully will be usefulll for us 🙂 lihat pula


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