SMS/WA : 0857-8481-9391 / 0856-5568-1416

SMS/WA : 0857-8481-9391 / 0856-5568-1416

Seruunya Kelas Mr. Bob - Irfan Ayi Hikmawan (UNDIP)

Kampung Inggris Mr.BOB: Spesialis terapi ngomong inggris + pendongkrak PD - SMS/WA : 0857-8481-9391 / 0856-5568-1416.

Guys, cerita seru kita kali ini datang dari salah satu penghuni camp Mr.BOB Kampung Inggris periode 10 Februari 2014 kemarin tepatnya camp 4. Ada cerita apa ya? Langsung aja daaah cekidot !! ^_^.

Irfan ayi hikmawan
Teknik perkapalan UNDIP

My best Moments in Mr. Bob Kampung Inggris

Kampung Inggris Mr.BOB: Spesialis terapi ngomong inggris + pendongkrak PD - SMS/WA : 0857-8481-9391 / 0856-5568-1416. I have best moment in Mr. Bob in kampung inggris, when I came to Mr. Bob I came to the office for second regristation and accidenty I get camp 4 for my camp. I came with my friend, afif from Surabaya and still study in airlangga university in sixth semester, there are mr. ibo, irul, jadit, angga, yandi, ito and the others.

Alhamdulillah we get a new family, but not long they move to another camp to get new inspiration. On monday morning I started my first program that was tictalk program, and the tutor was Mr. Ghozali but many people called him uncle, I tought he was a funny people and he has a original style that he has flat expression, but it maked me laugh included the members of the class , that was my program at 7 o’clock and at 10 o’clock I had 3Gp-1 program with Mr, Iphin he has a same origin with uni that was he came from west java, we are learned about grammar in 3Gp 1.
kampung inggris

At 2 p.m. I had pronounciation program with Mr. Paijo. In the first time I felt the class was so serious because Mr. Paijo look like a serious man and the class became blue, but suddenly Mr. Paijo made something funny and made us laugh and the class became happy.

That was a little piece story in Mr. Bob Kampung inggris and actually so many stories that I got in here. Alhamdulillah I got my purpose here that was I got my confident in speak English and I’m not nervous again with my English..

Kampung Inggris

Kampung Inggris

Kampung Inggris 

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